Post-Secondary Student Scholarship

The Foundation accepts applications for post-secondary student scholarships from students of Major Pratt School in Russell, Manitoba. The scholarships will be granted to second-year students or to students in programs of less than two years.

The following conditions apply:

  • Funds will only be payable to a Canadian Revenue Agency listed learning institute.
  • Funds are released only if you continue your education for that academic year.
  • Funds are to be applied to your tuition fees and/or textbooks; if paid, then they can be paid to you directly by the school.
  • This scholarship is available only once to any one individual.
  • Should you not continue your studies all monies received are to be returned.

Application must be received by October 2nd of year being applied for.

Please download the Scholarship Application Form below for further details and to apply.


Our Foundation…

  • Provides a wonderful chance for each of us to invest in our own community’s future.
  • Is permanent, yet flexible, as it can change to meet the evolving needs of our community.
  • Invests the donation that is made, retains the principal and allocates the annual interest or investment income to worthy community projects.