A gift to the Living Legacy Community Foundation is an opportunity to say thank you to the community and one sure way to benefit future generations. All gifts qualify as deductions for income tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor.

There are many ways to leave a legacy in our community:

  • A gift of money
  • A bequest in a will
  • A gift of life insurance
  • A gift in memory of a relative or friend
  • A gift in honour of a special event or individual
  • A gift of real estate or property
  • A multi-year pledge – you make an initial contribution and a commitment to add to the initial donation over a period of years.
  • You leave your gift to the general charitable purposes of the Foundation or designate it to a particular field of interest.


  • Living Legacy Community Fund – Provides resources and scholarship funds to projects within the Asessippi Parkland area.
  • Russell Swimming Pool Fund – Provides funds to the Russell Swimming Pool for capital projects.
  • Inglis Elevator Fund – Inglis Elevator is an historic site. This fund is for the ongoing upkeep of the elevator.
  • Angusville Heritage Hall Fund – Angusville Heritage Hall is an historic site in the Village of Angusville recognizing the Ukrainian Culture in the area.
  • Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery Fund – Annual grant for the upkeep of this historic cemetery.
  • Tyler Shwaluk Memorial Fund – Fund established in memory of Tyler. An annual scholarship to a Major Pratt grad entering a trade. The fund allows for a grant in lieu or in addition to the scholarship.
  • Russell Library Fund – Fund established to enhance the children’s area of the library.

Donate by Mail

To donate by mail, please download our brochure or donation form, print, fill in and submit with your donation.

Donate Online

It’s quick and simple. Our online donations are handled by Endow Manitoba and the Winnipeg Foundation.

Our Foundation…

  • Provides a wonderful chance for each of us to invest in our own community’s future.
  • Is permanent, yet flexible, as it can change to meet the evolving needs of our community.
  • Invests the donation that is made, retains the principal and allocates the annual interest or investment income to worthy community projects.