Post-Secondary Student Scholarship

The Foundation accepts applications for post-secondary student scholarships from students of Major Pratt School in Russell, Manitoba. The scholarships will be granted to second-year students or to students in programs of less than two years.

The following conditions apply:

  • Funds will only be payable to a Canadian Revenue Agency listed learning institute.
  • Funds are released only if you continue your education for that academic year.
  • Funds are to be applied to your tuition fees and/or textbooks; if paid, then they can be paid to you directly by the school.
  • This scholarship is available only once to any one individual.
  • Should you not continue your studies all monies received are to be returned.

Application must be received / postmarked by November 10th of year being applied for.

Please download the Scholarship Application Form below for further details and to apply.


Our Foundation…

  • Provides a wonderful chance for each of us to invest in our own community’s future.
  • Is permanent, yet flexible, as it can change to meet the evolving needs of our community.
  • Invests the donation that is made, retains the principal and allocates the annual interest or investment income to worthy community projects.