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The Community Foundation:

  • Provides a wonderful chance for each of us to invest in our own community’s future.
  • Is permanent, yet flexible, as it can change to meet the evolving needs of
    our community.
  • Invests the donation that is made, retains the principal and allocates the annual interest or investment income to worthy community projects.


The Foundation is set up to provide annual grants to assist in the following areas:

  • Arts
  • Community Services
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Heritage
  • Recreation

You, as a donor, know that your contribution will continue to help others far into the future.


In 1977 a bequest was left to the Russell Foundation for education to students from Major Pratt School. Over the years more donations increased the funds.

In 2005 The Living Legacy Community Foundation was established to enhance the Russell Foundation by increasing the area to encompass the Asessippi Parkland Region. It actively sources new funds to support additional grant making opportunities.

The Living Legacy Community Foundation continues to grow. Gifts, donations, and individual endowment funds increases granting possibilities.The foundation is a registered charity, and holds its capital in perpetuity, distributing only the interest income.


In 2008 Living Legacy Community Foundation gave grants totaling over $18,000.00. Major Pratt School Band received $4000.00 for Instruments. Russell Palliative Care received $1000.00 for a pressure mattress. $4000.00 was given in Scholarships. The remaining went to various Community Centres and other projects in the community.

Community Foundations of Canada

CFC LogoLiving Legacy Community Foundation is a member of the Community Foundations of Canada, which is the national membership organization for Canada’s Community Foundations. Please visit their website for more information.